Published Works

Apocalypse 2020 Cover (Small)

Apocalypse 2020 – A Wasteland LitRPG

Published: September 25, 2017

It’s 1997 and Bran is one of the few people that gets to play the very exclusive new video game – Apocalypse 2020. He sits in front of his computer monitor and the world around him fades away. No more worries about school, his dad, or his future. He can ignore that life and let the game and his imagination take him to another.

In the game, nuclear fallout has turned the United States into a post-apocalyptic hellhole filled with cannibal mutants, psychotic bandits, and killer robots. Can Bran survive the big guns, fast cars, extreme violence, and permanent character death in this intense, action-packed LitRPG?

Cover - Draft 1

White Mountain

Published: January 31, 2015

In my tribe you are not born with a name, but must earn it. 

My father is called Meatfist because he hunts with his bare hands. Songspeaker’s name was decided early, for she turns the stories of our people into beautiful music that we listen to as we sit around the fires at night. My brother Surefoot received his name because he can climb anything – he seems to walk up cliff walls as easily as the rest of us walk on flat land.

I remained Nameless for so long – until I discovered I was a Skinchanger.

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