Current Projects

Updated October 1st, 2017

As of now, these are the projects that I’m working on in order of planned release.

Apocalypse 2020: Look to to the Skies – This is the second in my Apocalypse 2020 series. I’m currently writing the first draft, preparing for a late December or early January release.

Apocalypse 2020 (3rd book) – I have this book roughly outlined right now. I’ll be writing it immediately after releasing the second book, and shooting for a release in March / April.

Tarantula Hawks – This book needs some editing, but overall I’m happy with it. I’ll be cleaning it up and sending it out to agents sometime next year.

Ring in the Dark – Like Tarantula Hawks, this book is close to being done, and I’d like to be querying it next year.

Untitled LitRPG Horror Novel – I have an idea for a short novel that I started outlining and would like to write next year and release around the Halloween season.


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