About James

I have been writing all my life. I remember the first book I wrote on unlined computer paper that I stapled together when I was nine years old. The story was about a killer dog that ended up being only a friendly puppy. I think at one point the dog ripped somebody’s arm off, but it was only a dream. Jurassic Park and Sandlot had just come out, and I was heavily influenced by both.

Since then I’ve written countless stories. I would ignore my teachers in school, instead writing stories in my notebooks throughout the day.

I went to school for computer repair, and then for teaching, but in the back of my mind I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been writing full-time for four years now. During that time I’ve written six complete novels, a screenplay, a comic book series, three novellas and several short stories.

I am currently searching for an agent, hoping to release some of my novels traditionally, while I self-publish others.

I live in north Texas with my artist girlfriend and my chocolate Labrador, Ellie.


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