February Update

Hello all! It’s been a couple of weeks since Apocalypse 2020: Into the Black came out, so i wanted to update everybody on what I’m working on next. I have two projects in the works at the moment (with several hundred more on the back-burner always, of course).
Tarantula Hawks – This is a small-town murder mystery about a man who returns to his hometown and family after eight years away, and while he’s there investigates the county’s only unsolved mystery. I’m currently finishing up editing on it and plan on sending it around to some agents before the end of the month, in an attempt to get it traditionally published. If I don’t get any bites from it, I’ll be self-publishing it on Amazon later this year.
Mutant Crisis (Working title) – After Apocalypse 2020, I said I was going to step away from the LitRPG / GameLit genre, but I had this idea gnawing at me and it really could only be done as a GameLit book – so this is what I’m writing right now. Working on the first draft at the moment, but it’s going quickly. This is going to be a trilogy of survival-horror GameLit books, inspired by Resident Evil and other similar games, that I’ll begin self-publishing on Amazon later this year.