Wow, I suck at this

So, my last entry was nearly a year ago, and in it I talked about rebooting my life. Now, I’m going to try that again. First I’ll look over the things I said last year and see what has changed.


Write more – My goal here is 8,000 words actual writing every week. Editing doesn’t count.

I have actually done this, for the most part. I have been writing for four hours every day for a while now. Word count might not be 8,000 words, as some of that four hours have been spent editing, but I’m happy with the amount that I have written since making this post. I’ll be updating my Current Projects page to reflect what I’ve done and what I’m working on now.

Edit more – I have several finished drafts right now that need editing. I have been putting them off until finishing the next project, but there needs to be a better system in place for getting edits done. I’m going to say the goal is to edit at least 8,000 words a week as well. That’s not really that much, but more than what I’ve been doing.

I’ve edited several of my projects and am working on getting them out to agents (in the case of novels) and magazines (in the case of short stories). Still a process, but I’m happy with what I’ve done here.

Stream Regularly – I have been streaming on Twitch intermittently. If it’s something I want to continue doing, I should be doing it regularly. At least two hours 5 times a week is the goal. The main thing is to set a schedule in advance and stick to it.

For several reasons, I have completely stopped with streaming. First of all, my internet is awful, and I couldn’t get a decent upload speed. Secondly, it was a distraction from writing. I tend to take on too many hobbies and I have to hold myself back from that. As much as I enjoyed streaming on Twitch, I have to give it up.

Read more – I have been slacking on my reading lately, which means less inspiration to write. The goal is to read at least twenty pages a day. Novels or short stories. Comic books don’t count.

I’ve still been slacking on reading. I’ve been listening to audiobooks more, and have been reading a chapter per night in bed, but I haven’t been very consistent on it. This is still a good goal for me, and I want to do better at it. I’ve stopped reading current comics entirely, as there was just too much I wanted to read and I couldn’t keep up with everything. The Civil War II storyline in Marvel completely killed my interest as well. I still want to read some of the books, but when I do, it will just be trade-paperbacks.

Eat/Drink Better – I need to lose some weight. This is a fact. The first part of this is eating / drinking better. I drink too much Coke. This is the first thing I need to cut out. A cup a day at the most is the goal here. 1 cup. 8 oz. That’s not a very hard goal to achieve. 1 cup of coffee in the morning and the rest of the time it’s water only. If I go out to a restaurant, order water. No cokes with free refills. As far as eating better, the goal is to make more fresh vegetables and less bready foods. Two healthy meals a week, and only one indulgent meal per week allowed. I’m letting myself a little leeway here, as most of the foods I make are very fresh and not fried or just awful. I eat okay for the most part, just a little improvement will go a long way.

Well I’ve completely failed on this goal. I’m about the same weight that I have been for the last several years, but I still am not eating healthy, and I’m still drinking two cups of coffee per day, plus coke sometimes. I have cut back on the Coke however, so I guess that’s a partial win.

Work Out – The second part of losing weight is working out. The goal here is to spend at least half an hour every day working out in some way, be it running, bodyweight workouts, or walking the dog if I’m hurting that day.

Nope. Didn’t do any of this. Still should. Don’t want to.

Sleep better – I have already been trying to improve this, but I’ve been slacking again the last couple days. I tend to go to bed and watch youtube videos until 1am, then sleep until 9 or so. I’d like to change that to be asleep by 11 and up at 7. I was doing this for a few days and I felt much more productive. I need to get back to that.

Still should work on this. I’ve pretty much been going to sleep between 12 and 1am, and waking up between 8 and 9am for some time now. I don’t think that’s really a problem anymore however. I go to bed around 10, and either read or watch Netflix/Youtube. I don’t watch television, or any other videos throughout the day, so this is my time to do that. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing, and I’ve been happy with the amount of work I’m getting done in the day, so I’m actually fine with my sleep schedule now.

Post more on social media – I have a twitter, and my blog, but I so rarely post on it. I need to do this more. Networking is so important for a new author that it’s nearly impossible to get published without some sort of online presence. I need this, so the goal is to post SOMETHING every day on twitter, and post a full blog post every week on my WordPress, about whatever I’m working on or thinking about.

Haha, obviously I have not kept up with my blog, but I have actually been posting more on twitter the last couple of weeks. I need to do more, but I get social media overload very easily. I can’t keep up with everything. I’ll try to make posts on this blog more regularly however, and I’m going to continue to use Twitter often.


So after nearly a year, let’s figure out which goals I want to keep and any new ones I want to add.

  1. Write for 4 hours per day – This has been working well for me for some time now. I will occasionally take a day off, but I’ve limited those to every other week or so. Largely, I spend the time between 10am and 3pm writing, with a lunch break in the middle somewhere. Either editing, or writing new material, it’s all working towards the same goal of creating a story.
  2. Read More – Still need to work on this. I’d like to read a book per month at a minimum.
  3. Eat/Drink Better – Still need to cut back on the Coke, but I’m going to keep with my 2 coffee per day addiction. I don’t have very many vices, and I just enjoy my coffee too much.
  4. Post more on Social Media – One post per week on this blog, and One tweet per day is the goal here.
  5. Keep up with the housework – This is something I’ve severely neglected. After I write for four hours, my brain is fried, and I tend to just want to lay down and read or go for a walk or something. I rarely feel like vacuuming or dusting the house, or the other thousand things that need to be done around the house. I need to find time and energy to do these things however, so I’m going to make it a goal here. Spend 3 hours per week cleaning the house. That’s not much. It can be done!

That’s it guys. Thanks for reading. I’d love some feedback, support, and motivation!

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