April Update

Hey guys, here’s just a little update on what I’ve been up to.

I made White Mountain free for a few days at the beginning of the month and was able to give it away to fifty new readers. I hope that they enjoy it and leave a review on Amazon.

I’ve been thinking about releasing a full novel of mine called The Chained God on Amazon at some point this year. I’m not sure if I want to do that or not, considering how little White Mountain has actually made, plus getting a cover for it may be an ordeal.

Work on Tutela is going slow. I took a break from it and wrote a screenplay for a short film based off a lesser-known Lovecraft story that I really enjoyed. Who knows what will ever happen with that screenplay (if anything). I sent it to one of my friends who works in the movie business in Atlanta, which is fastly growing into the next Hollywood in the U.S.

I saw that Oni Press is doing open submissions in May and June, looking for new comic book creators. I’ve written a couple comic books in the past, but have never had the artistic skill to make them fully realized. With this however, they are accepting scripts as well as full comics, so I can submit my script and if they like it, they will match me up with an artist.

I had an idea for a video series called RolePlaying that I have been working on for several years, and getting nowhere with it. I decided that it would work as a comic book and have been working on getting that adapted and re-written into a comic book format, in the hopes that I can submit it to Oni before the end of June. So far, it’s going good.

In non-work related updates –

I finished reading Star Wars – A New Dawn – I thought it was pretty okay, if a little bland. I really like Kanan and Hera’s characters from Star Wars Rebels, so it was interesting to see more of them, but there wasn’t enough story in the book to fill the 400 page length.

I’m still reading The Way of Kings and have turned all my focus to it, so I can finally finish this beast of a novel. It’s still REALLY good.

I took a break from Annihilation, but will get back to it soon.

I’ve been catching up on comic books, as I have been out of the hobby for some time. Started reading the Convergence books – DC’s big new event – and am interested, but unimpressed at the way the event was implemented. You would think that DC had done this kind of thing enough to have the process down by now. The event is organized very sloppily and even people who have been reading the books for decades are having a hard time deciphering what is actually happening here.

With Marvel, I’ve been catching up on Daredevil (after LOVING the Netflix series) and Ms. Marvel – both of which are fantastic.

Also been catching up on The Walking Dead (which is not as good as it used to be), Velvet (Awesome), along with a few new series (Divinity, The Infinite Loop, Empire – Uprising, Kaptara, Savior, and Thrilling Hour Presents – Beyond Belief).

Beyond Belief impressed me so much with its hilarious dialogue that I looked up the creators and found out they have been doing a radio show since forever ago. In discovering this, I also discovered Welcome to Night Vale. These two radio shows are both awesome and I’ll have some catching up to do on them.

Bloodborne was released a few weeks ago and I immediately got addicted to it. I love From games, all the Souls games are incredible and I’ve played the crap out of them. I got sucked into Bloodborne immediately – playing through the story twice, then getting the platinum trophy on it. I loved it, though maybe not as much as the Souls games.

Bloodborne, in turn, made me want to read more Lovecraft, so now I’m catching up to Tor’s Lovecraft Re-read. Loving it so far.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Sorry again for not posting more regularly. I’m trying, just have so much stuff happening.

Now back to work on the RolePlaying comic book. Thanks for reading my rambles.