Life Update

Wow, dropping off the radar for a month? Real classy James!

Seriously, I’ve just been super busy. I was in Austin for a while, then working on projects at home, and just haven’t had much time to sit down and write a blog post. I’m trying to make myself do it at least weekly now though. I’ve made a schedule and everything!

I’m working hard on the first draft of my novel, tentatively titled Tutela. It’s a YA space opera. I’m at about 25,000 words out of a planned 75,000, but writing from here on should move a bit faster, due to no trips planned and I’m starting to get to that part of the story where you know the characters and feel a bit more comfortable writing them.

In other news… well not much. White Mountain is not selling as good as I expected, but I’m keeping hopes up on it, as it was more a labor of love than anything. Also, I think that it will sell better once I have more books out and people can see the different titles I’m writing. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from the people that have read it though. I think I’ll be making it a free book very soon, to get more readers on Amazon.

I’m still reading Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (almost halfway through the huge novel). Also started reading A New Dawn, which is the first novel in the new Star Wars canon. Watching The Clone Wars TV show has really made me love Star Wars again. I wish I would have watched them as they air. Still planning on checking out Star Wars Rebels as well, hoping to get all caught up with everything before the movie comes out in December. I’m pretty excited about it.

Planted my vegetable garden this week as well, since it seems like the risk of freeze is finally over here in Texas. Hoping for some good food to come out of it.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! I’ll update again soon.