Dream Titans

So, I’m knee-deep in NaNoWriMo right now, but I thought I’d do a quick blog post, just to keep up with things.

Dream Titans in the name of the book I’m writing: A young adult book targeting younger boys. It’s going okay so far. I’m at 17000 words right now, after getting a little behind at the beginning of the month due to personal issues. I’m really getting into it right now and have been writing 2 to 3 thousand words a day for the past week. I’m pretty happy with that pace.

The story is developing a little differently than I expected it to. I’m an outliner, but my characters still often change during the course of the novel, and there have been several things about me personally that have leaked into the book. One of the character’s is obviously similar to my girlfriend, and another has a relationship with his mother that is a bit like my own. It’s interesting and I think it actually helps the novel quite a bit.

On some other notes: Thor: The Dark World was pretty good. I think I liked it just as much as the first Thor movie. It was kind of Lord of the Rings meets Abram’s Star Trek. Definitely worth seeing in the theater.

My awesome girlfriend got me an advanced reading copy of Brandon Mull’s new book Sky Raiders, which is the first of a new series to be released March of next year. I’m really looking forward to starting it.

That’s all I got for now.