A Little About my Writing

I’ve been writing since I was very young, but I have a tendency to start something and never finish. I have TONS of ideas, but have never had the discipline to sit and write it out. Never had the motivation to get it done and maybe make a career out of it. Over the last year or so, I have began to develop that discipline. I’ve decided to make writing the number one priority in my life. Above anything else.

Right now, I am working on a novel. Tentatively named Rockwatch: Book 1 of the Chained God series, it fits into the paranormal Young Adult genre. I’m aiming for a length of around 70,000 words, and right now I’m at nearly 20,000. I will be updating that word count at the end of each post. I try my best to write between 1000 and 2000 words per day. It’s tough to do sometimes with a full time job.

I know that one day I’m going to be a published author. There is no doubt in my mind that it is going to happen. I just have to make it happen, hopefully sooner rather than later. The day I can quit my day job and write as a career will be the best day of my life.

Obligatory First Blog Post

So, nearly every author I respect has a blog, and some even update regularly. As an aspiring author, I am told that a web presence will help. So, here I am, giving it a shot.

I’m 28 years old. I’ve been writing regularly since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I remember writing a short story on wide rules paper about a killer dog that lived across the street from my house. It was shortly after seeing Jurassic Park, when I was 9, and there was lots of limbs being torn off and it ended with the main character waking up while his friend sprayed ketchup in his face.

I like to think that my storytelling abilities have improved since then.

On this page, expect regular updates about my writing, and my journey to become a published novelist. Expect stories of my daily life. Expect lots of pictures of my dog Ellie, and my turtle Takka.

I will do my best to not be too boring.